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“An absolute must have for anyone who wants to get the full potential out of this massive game.”

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Diving into Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning can be daunting. The world is vast, the combat is brutal and your potential choices are almost infinite. This encyclopedic guide aims to make everything clear; to show you how every element of the game fits together and let you take advantage of each of them to get the experience you want. See the whole thing and cut your way through it in style.

“An encyclopedia for a game that needs one.”

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Master Your Destiny

Building your character isn’t too stressful when you can change your destiny at any point, but really taking advantage of the possibilities in Reckoning requires planning and knowledge. We explain how every aspect of the Destiny and Skill systems can be used to create the most powerful characters of each type.

Fight to the End

Reckoning’s Main Quest can be a real challenge, but if you want to see its end our complete walkthrough will ensure you never falter. Every battle is fully covered and maps reveal everything about the areas you’ll traverse along the way.

Control the Battle

The beauty of Reckoning is in its visceral combat. You can be as strong as you want if you have the skills and knowledge to excel at combat. We show you how to master Reckoning Mode to gain more XP and get better items, and how to slash, cancel and combo your way through the game’s battles with style.

Leave Nothing Unexplored

In a world this vast it’s hard not to miss things. Our illustrated maps and detailed Area Guide chapter will ensure that you’ll always find what you’re looking for. Every town is explored in full and even the most remote cave has its deepest secrets exposed.

See All Sides of the Story

The game is filled with hundreds of Side Quests, Tasks and major Factions to explore and complete, and it’s only through these that you’ll see the full picture of the world of Amalur. We provide walkthroughs, maps and tips for every one of these optional quests and all their possible rewards are outlined.

Unlock Everything

Players wanting to know everything about the world of Amalur and ensure they’ve squeezed every last drop out of the game will find everything they’re looking for. We provide tips for unlocking every Achievement/Trophy and the locations of all of the game’s rarest items.

Explore Beyond

Get deep into the world of Amalur with our exclusive story timeline and selection of beautiful concept artwork and sketches.

Pages 600
Format 216 x 276 cm
Platforms PC, Xbox 360
Release Date February 2012
Price $ 26.99, £ 19.99, € 24.99
ISBN 9783869930572 | 9780744013948