Age of Empires IV

A Future Press Companion Book




The Perfect Companion for playing Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV marks the long-awaited continuation of a beloved series—a new age in historical strategy games is finally here. Future Press is proud to present a companion book to accompany this landmark in the genre, created in close collaboration with the teams at Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge studio. We’ve carefully put together a mixture of art, strategic guidance and behind the scenes content that is certain to enrich your time with the game. Across 400 pages, the book dives into the game’s civilizations, units, buildings and maps, blending strategy with developer commentary and artwork.

Stats and Strategies

Age of Empires IV offers a rich strategic battleground in which every building, unit and map has its own tactical considerations, all within the unique frameworks of the game’s eight civilizations. Everyone, from RTS beginners to Age of Empires experts, will find the mixture of detailed stats and tactical advice an invaluable resource as they dive into this incredibly deep game.

The Art of Age of Empires IV

Every chapter in the book is peppered with concept art and early renders, giving an insight into the game’s creation and artistic direction, and renowned digital artist Craig Mullins’ gorgeous series of Age of Empires IV and franchise artworks are featured in a very special interview showcase section.

Developer Commentary

The book is infused with developer commentary, resulting from interviews with various members of the development team, all carefully placed to add background and context. Learn how three teams collaborated across art, narrative, audio, game design and balance to create a rich and ambitious RTS game with a unique approach to historical presentation.

  • 432 pages for the complete Age of Empires IV experience
  • Printed on high quality art paper with sealer varnish to prevent fingerprints
  • Premium linen hardcover with thread sewn binding for extra longevity
  • Landscape letter format for ideal presentation of artwork
  • Comes with four exclusive Craig Mullins art prints

Pages 432
Format 11 x 8.5 inches / 28 x 22 cm
Platforms PC
Release Date December 2021
Price $ 39.99, £ 29.99, € 34.99
  English edition:
  German edition: 9783869931111
  French edition: 9783869931128