April 26, 2020

Here’s another quick update on all things Animal Crossing!

Europeans have been enjoying the book for some time (thanks for all the nice feedback!), and copies arrive in the US on April 30th, but it will then take day a few days until retailers receive them. All timings are still very fluid given the current situation, so we’d like to ask for your continued patience! To play it safe, we’re setting the release date back to May 8 for now. This first batch will only cover pre-orders that came in early enough—the next batch is scheduled for end of May.

What’s more, you will have seen (and probably already experienced) the great new content that Nintendo released this week. Many of you asked us what we plan to do to keep the book up-to-date. Well, we’ve decided to cover every new update with a small PDF in the same style as our physical book. This way, the combination between physical book and digital content keeps you perfectly informed. And since the PDFs use the same design and structure you’re used to from the book, you’ll find everything you need quick and easy. We’ll post about it once the PDF is released, both here and on our social media channels.

And finally, the community calendar that we mention in the guide is in the works right now and will be ready for launch around the second week of May. Stay tuned!