June 05, 2020

ACNH – Shipping Update

We’ve been wanting to provide a fresh update on the status of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide for a couple of weeks now, but the situation has been changing almost every day and we didn’t want to provide any incorrect information to those waiting for their book to arrive. We completely understand the frustration with the delays, so we’ll continue to provide as much clarity as possible.

Amazon US and Canada have received their first batch of books in early May, and we know that they’ve been trying to ship out all copies as fast as possible given the current situation. It’s now certain that they will get most of their ordered stock next week, which means that all existing orders will be dispatched from next week to mid June. It’s impossible for us to say when any individual order will be processed or delivered, because that’s in Amazon’s hands and we can’t see their internal queues.

As for the UK and all other language editions in Europe, retailers have received new stock this week. We are working non-stop to get the book into everyone’s hands as quickly as possible, and we’ll provide another update as soon as the situation changes in any way. Thanks once again for your patience!