June 12, 2024

Bloodborne Limited Complete Edition Guide

The Dark Souls Trilogy reprint has shipped and should now be in hands of many those who preordered early. Future Press’ 25th Anniversary celebrations don’t end there, though… We’ve been working on this for a while now and are very happy to announce that our Bloodborne guide will be getting a reprint too!

Today we’ll share some detail into how we’re combining both Bloodborne and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters into a single comprehensive book. Our starting point was a desire to include all unique content from both books, and to make it all to flow as if it had always been a single book.

We didn’t want to create a tome that’s too unwieldy to use comfortably, which meant eliminating any duplicated or redundant content. Both books included sections that cover the same topics, such as merchant inventories, and in these cases we’ve streamlined them to read and function as one complete section.

To avoid losing valuable information, some new content had to be added to sections that didn’t originally appear in both books. As an example, the Bloodborne book‘s progression guide broke down each area’s most important details, items and rewards. This section wasn’t present in The Old Hunters book, but we’ve done the work (and the calculations) to add the new areas to the original format.

The resulting book is essentially an even chunkier version of the original Bloodborne guide with all of the Old Hunters content seamlessly included. We’ve made sure to keep all of the extras from each book intact, such as the concept art gallery and the interview with Miyazaki-san.

Pre-orders for the Future Press 25th Anniversary Bloodborne reprint are now open! Head over to our shop for the best chance to secure your limited edition copy as part of our anniversary celebration.

Pre-orders at other retailers will go live in the coming weeks, and we’ll do our best to let you know here as soon as they do. As with the Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium, other retailers may receive a limited amount of stock, so pre-order early to avoid disappointment.