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The Official Strategy Guide

The Official Lost Planet Strategy Guide will give you all the information you need to survive the fearsome Akrid inhabitants of E.D.N.III. Every beast, weapon and Vital Suit is analysed. Exceptionally detailed route maps will guide you to each and every one of the elusive Target Marks, even on the Extreme setting. You will also get a head start on the online mode, with the location of each weapon position and spawn points.


The Official Strategy Guide

This official game guide will help you to enjoy every moment you spend in the fantastical world of Okami. Whether you are stuck in one particular place or want to be guided step-by-step through the huge adventure, this guide provides the answers, quickly and simply.


Enter The Tekken

Through the years, the Tekken series has evolved to bring forth some of the best and most competitive fighting games ever. Until now, there have been no clear and detailed guides to help players of all levels improve on a competitive basis with their chosen characters. This is all set to change with this strategy guide. Tekken 5 elite players impart their extensive knowledge of the game system, strategies and techniques to help you learn to play Tekken 5 more skillfully against your friends and family. Welcome to your first steps as an expert!


The Official Strategy Guide

Explore the mysterious world of Ivalice with us on 274 full-colour pages. Acquire the most useful abilities, retrieve the best-hidden treasure and master more than 300 missions! The comprehensive walkthrough safely takes both beginners and experienced players to the very end – and beyond.