Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge, Volume III

Shadow of the Erdtree



This item will be released September 30, 2024.

An essential new volume of the Elden Ring Books of Knowledge has arrived. This encyclopedic tome acts as a complete catalog of Shadow of the Erdtree’s world and its inhabitants. It combines the map-based world and dungeon guides of Volume I with the stats and analysis of enemies and equipment that Volume II offered. For anyone setting foot in the Realm of Shadow, this will be an invaluable companion and a truly complete reference book. This book provides an encyclopedic catalog of Shadow of the Erdtree’s world, all with the same meticulous attention to detail as the first two volumes.

A World Mapped Out
Every single item, point of interest and major enemy in the Shadow Realm is exhaustively marked on beautifully illustrated exclusive maps. Dive deep into the new legacy dungeons and learn the many hidden routes that connect the various parts of this shadowy world.

Deadly New Foes
Elden Ring’s bestiary is freshly expanded, adding a collection of foes designed to really stretch the limits of the game’s combat. From gigantic Golems whose flaming visage towers over ancient ruins to new encounters with legendary deities, you’re likely to be in dire need of the in-depth analysis offered in the Bestiary chapter.

A New Perspective
You’ll not be alone as you forge a path across the Realm of Shadow in search of the vanished god Miquella; the road ahead is travelled by a cast of characters every bit as intriguing as those that inhabit the Lands Between. The Quest Guide chapter lays out each step of these new stories as they enrich Elden Ring’s already majestic tapestry of lore.

An Upgraded Arsenal
From devious tricks to more expressive styles of fighting, the newly available equipment will expand your repertoire in surprising ways, and it’s all fully catalogued here. Your options in combat will increase, as will the possibilities for showing off your fashion sensibilities.

Bountiful Bonuses
We’ve included a beautifully designed concept art gallery, showing off glorious full-page landscape and character artworks. Additional bonus content includes a complete progression guide that shows all routes through the Shadow Realm, and an advanced build guide that combines existing equipment with some of Shadow of the Erdtree’s best new additions. Finally, the book comes with a huge poster that depicts the entire Shadow Realm, with all locations and Sites of Grace highlighted.

Pages 352
Format 11 x 8.5 inches / 28 x 22 cm
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows
Release Date September 2024
Price $ 44.99, £ 34.99, € 39.99
ISBNs and language editions:
9783869931296 (English edition)
9783869931319 (French edition)
9783869931302 (German edition)
9783869931326 (Spanish edition)