The World of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A Future Press Companion Book




Part Lore Book

What motivates a person to become a member of Ghost Team, the most highly trained Special Operators in the world? And what can make a Ghost hunt down his former brothers-in-arms? The lore material and detailed bios in this book provide additional insight into the events that have shaped Nomad, Walker and the cast of authentic, believable characters that inhabit this world. Learn the history, connections and motivations that have brought them all to Auroa.

Part Art Book

Tour the creation of the Auroa archipelago, an environment as detailed and meticulously crafted as any fictional setting you’ve ever explored. This book is packed with all of the concept artwork that helped to bring Ubisoft Paris’s futuristic utopian vision to life.

Part Reference Book

Acquiring and upgrading the tools necessary for survival is at the core of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Every weapon, vehicle and piece of gear available at launch is presented with detailed stats, and we use our strategy guide expertise to dissect the survival systems that make Breakpoint such a unique experience.

All Access

Every part of this book is peppered with commentary from the development team at Ubisoft Paris and their military consultants, allowing for an unprecedented, all-angles look behind the curtain of such an ambitious production.

Incredible Bonus Content

Each book comes with a code for a DLC pack of exclusive cosmetic items. We’ve also included a huge multi-purpose poster of the game world, with every point of interest marked on it.


The Ghost Recon Breakpoint Role Playing Game is played by the Ubisoft Paris team. It's introduced in the book, and can be downloaded in its entirety here. (Right-click to "Save as…".)

Breakpoint RPG // English version
Breakpoint RPG // French version
Breakpoint RPG // German version

Pages 368
Format 11 x 8.5 inches
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE
Release Date October 2019
Price $ 39.99, £ 34.99, € 35.99
ISBN 9783869930978