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The Official Strategy Guide

An entire city is under siege and an ordinary citizen suddenly, inexplicably finds himself with unbelievable powers. As Cole, you must decide how these powers are used. Will you help the trapped and starving citizens of Empire City – or simply kill anyone that gets in your way? We’ll provide the answers you need, so that regardless of which choices you make, you always come out on top.

Infamous Cover


The Official Guide to Warzone and Campaign

This is not your ordinary strategy guide, this is your lethal edge. Be it online against the world or at home against AI – The Official Guide to Warzone and Campaign lets you reach your full potential. Written by professional gamers and approved by GUERRILLA, this Future Press guide is your ticket to becoming the ultimate Killzone 2 expert.

Killzone 2 Cover


The Official Strategy Guide

How often do you want to die? There’s no run and gun heroics here. Every bullet can kill you. This is real war, where a solid strategy matters far more than a perfect aim. You’ll need to give orders, plan approaches and know when to retreat from losing battles. We’ll give you everything needed to make the right decisions and ensure your fire team makes it through alive.

Operation Flashpoint Cover


The Official Strategy Guide

Bionic Commando: The Official Strategy Guide gives you all the information you need to navigate through Ascension City and defeat your adversaries. Highly detailed and exclusive maps are coupled with expert spoiler-free instructions, showing you the lie of the land and guiding you to ultimate victory, even on the hardest difficulty level of Commando.

Bionic Commando Cover


The Official ULTRA Violence Game Guide

The DeathWatch games have come to Varrigan City, and the audience is expecting some real ULTRA Violence! If Jack wants to get through this alive he’ll need some guidance, some Onions, and someone at the controls who knows how to use a Chainsaw. We’ll provide all the guidance and Onions you need, and give you a head start with the Chainsaw skills, too.

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The Official Strategy Guide

Let’s be honest. Everybody is capable of playing through this game – some faster, some slower. But only a few are going to appreciate the complexity of the battle system, invent their own fighting techniques and beat the crap out of every demon they encounter. These few become so good at it that just watching them play the game is fun. Control is what you need, and control is what you get with the Official Future Press Game Guide.

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The Official Strategy Guide

Swarms of undead creatures and mutant monsters rule the streets and there is only one source of information that will help you to survive this nightmare: 148 pages jam-packed with detailed maps, expert strategies and countless tips ensure that you discover the dark truth that could take Umbrella down forever.

Resident Evil - The Umbrella Chronicles Cover


The Official Strategy Guide

God of War™ II is an epic tale crammed with tough puzzles and supposedly invincible monsters – a challenge of truly titanic proportions. This offical strategy guide shows you how to wriggle out of the most desperate predicaments – whatever the difficulty level selected! A book that provides you with comprehensive backup, thanks to its invaluable inside information, cunning tricks and proven strategies.

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The Official Strategy Guide

The Official Resident Evil™ 4 Strategy Guide is the definitive supplement for what may easily be the best game ever. Countless insider hints, intelligent strategies and tired and trusted tricks from the pros make this work indispensable for Resident Evil™ fans.

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The Official Strategy Guide

Future Press’s release of the official game guide provides the definitive supplement to Final Fantasy III. It alone provides the key to unraveling this breathtaking story in all its complexity – for beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re after details about job classes, comprehensive information on all areas of the game, or tips on how to find secret quests or treasure – this guide leaves no stone unturned, no questions unanswered!

Final Fantasy III Cover