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Your Portal to Completion

Every Future Press guide is designed to maximise the gaming experience – regardless of the player’s skill. In the case of Portal 2, this is a difficult task: only those who can solve the test chambers will get to feel that true sense of accomplishment. If players look up the solution in a book or even watch it as a movie on YouTube, then they’ll bypass this feeling completely. This is why our Portal 2 guide follows a new concept: the solution will only give away as much as the player wants to know, no less, and no more. Thanks to a multi-layered walkthrough consisting of different levels of information, the official Portal 2 guide lets players decide for themselves how much help they receive. From just a small hint right up to a complete solution – everything is there.

The guide also offers lots of extras, including a huge on-location interview with the game’s producers, a whole chapter devoted to previously unpublished concept drawings and artwork from Portal and Portal 2, as well as a comprehensive section on Trophies/Achievements, for all of those who wish to fully master the game.

Multilevel walkthrough

Avoids unnecessary spoilers, thus guaranteeing maximum gaming enjoyment. Each step of the solution gives away a little more, from a small tip right through to the optimum path through the section. Players decide the level of support for themselves, minimising spoiling the game and ensuring more satisfaction from accomplishment.

Extended co-op play coverage

Comprehensive walkthrough for the co-op game, including shortcuts and alternate solutions. And a real highlight, even for advanced players – with contributions from the current world record holder for the fastest run through Portal.

Simplified isometric maps

Each test chamber is presented in a uniquely created 3D illustration which deliberately shows as little detail as possible, but also as much as is necessary. This means that players can easily and quickly understand the solution and avoid the confusion of overloaded screenshot maps.

The Art of Portal

Stunning computer graphics, early concept drawings and wonderful illustrations show Portal and Portal 2 in breathtaking style and beauty. Artwork that has been made public exclusively and for the very first time in the official guide.

An audience with Valve

An in-depth interview with the key figures from the development team of Portal and Portal 2. More than 20 pages filled with background information and also about the making of the two games.


For the complete gaming experience; a detailed step-by-step guide to unlocking all 50 Trophies/Achievements. Having a complete collection doesn’t have to be the sole privilege of advanced players.

Exclusive Videos

Access to countless game videos which perfectly show the guide’s pro techniques and strategies for every chamber. These have, however, been conceived to be used only when absolutely necessary, or once the game has already been played through. The bonus videos for the co-op speedrun demonstrate the perfect game as played by the Future Press authors.

Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition Guide

Additional content: An expanded ‘The Art of Portal’ with additional images, early sketches and wonderful concept graphics – for real fans.

Hardcover Binding: So it will last forever. A cover illustration created for true Portal fans as well as a fine back cover with a removable info sheet for that pristine look. In addition, two bookmarks so that both co-op players can keep track of their own pages.

“There is not anything even close to comparison to this guide. There are two downsides: 1) They will ruin you for all other guides. You’ll never want to read a meaningless table again. 2) They make far too few of these guides.”

5 star review at Amazon.com

Pages 384
Format 210 x 280 cm
Platforms PC, Xbox 360
Release Date April 2011
Price $ 29.99, £ 19.99, € 29.99
ISBN 9783869930381