The Official Guide

“This guide will not just teach you how to play Vanquish; it will show you how to master it.”

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You can play Vanquish like a normal shooter, or you can play it as it is meant to be played. This game is focused almost entirely on speed, so why not leave cover and start a controlled robot-killing spree? It’s all about eliminating each and every one of your enemies in the fastest time possible, and this guide shows you how to do just that. If you’re aiming for the leaderboards you’ll need to be fast. This guide is your fast forward key.

Two separate Campaign Guides

The extensive first Walkthrough is based on the Normal and Hard difficulty settings. It reveals the best ways to approach every single battle in the game and provides tips for scoring highly. The unique ‘Velocity Attack’ guide teaches you, how the game is meant to be played: Fast and flawlessly. Here you learn how to master Vanquish – on the God Hard difficulty setting!

Robots dismantled

We take an in-depth look at Vanquish’s many unique and highly lethal enemies. Each of their attacks is described in detail and strategies are provided to take them out both as easily and as quickly as possible.

Weapons & Combat

Discover exactly how the fast-paced combat really works. See how to take full advantage of all the available weaponry and unique Melee Attacks. The Upgrade system is laid bare with upgrade recommendations for every play style.

Challenge Mode

The unlockable Challenge mode is covered extensively, with detailed strategies and maps for all Challenges. Speed is the key to these challenges, and we’ll help you get the fastest times possible.

High-detail Maps

Expertly drawn maps accompany each section of the guide, making the strategies as clear as possible by marking out key positions. Every weapon pickup is highlighted so you always know what’s coming. All strategies are linked directly to the maps, making it easy to navigate through the guide.

100% Completion

The Completion chapter makes unlocking and mastering all Extras in Vanquish as simple as possible. Includes separate guides for the Pangloss Statues, all Achievements/Trophies and the Tactical Challenges.

The Art of Vanquish

See how Vanquish’s sci-fi universe was created. The beautiful artwork, early designs and concepts that defined how the game looks is all presented here. Plus an exclusive interview with the creators of Vanquish, Director Shinji Mikami and Producer Atsushi Inaba.

Exclusive Strategy Videos

Access the video section of to find countless videos of strategies and techniques from the guide. They are the perfect supplement to the book, showing exactly how the written theory is put into action.

“This is my first experience with a Future Press guide, and they’ve hit a 500-foot home run here.”

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Pages 324
Format 210 x 280 cm
Platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date October 2010
Price £ 12.99, € 19.99
ISBN 9783869930145