Game Companions Without Equal

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Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium

25th Anniversary Edition

The Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium is back! A special 25th Anniversary Limited Edition reprint will be released in February 2024. The book is initially available exclusively at, and pre-orders are open through our shop now. This is a strictly limited one-time reprint, so order early to be sure you get a copy. It features unique 25th Anniversary branding and some slight changes to the slipcase and cover but is otherwise identical to the original printing.


Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon

Official Pilot’s Manual

Continuing our close partnership with FromSoftware, Future Press is proud to present the Official Game Guide for Armored Core VI—a premium 432-page hardback collector’s edition. This is an uncompromisingly detailed companion guide that will bring rookie pilots up to speed while teaching even series veterans some new tricks.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Complete Edition

The Official Complete Guide, Collector’s Edition

Whether you’ve just signed up for your first island getaway package or are already an experienced island designer, nothing will help you get organized and keep track of island life quite like this. Future Press presents a complete encyclopedia of everything there is to do, see, craft, and collect on (and off) your island. This huge, ultra-premium hardcover book is absolutely bursting with information spread across 688 lavishly designed pages—it really is the ultimate reference for anyone who insists on having it all.


Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge, Volume I

The Lands Between

This first volume of Future Press’ Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge contains a complete record of The Lands Between. Overworld, dungeons and underworld—no matter where you go, every inch is carefully mapped and its secrets laid bare. All of the game’s areas and NPCs are covered and over 100 detailed area maps are included in a beautifully designed, premium hardcover volume.


Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge, Volume II

Shards of the Shattering

This second volume of Future Press’ Elden Ring Books of Knowledge is dedicated to the many creatures that inhabit the game’s world and the arsenal of armaments you can acquire to deal with them. Every enemy and boss you’ll encounter and every armament you can find is presented with artwork and stats in a beautifully designed, premium hardcover volume.